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How can Propecia cause anxiety?

Now I don't want to jump the gun and blame the finasteride as the cause as it could be anything but, is it commonly linked, could it be a likely cause? Yes, my password is: As a result, there will be a temporary increase in testosterone and changes in androgens as well which might theoretically produce side effects like those experienced by women with PMS. A Sense of Purpose is offline. July 9, at When this occurs, there is a temporary increase in testosterone and changes in androgens which have the potential to produce side effects like those experienced by women with PMS.

I realize some of these aforesaid examples adverse sides are generally rare for most individuals prescribed Bactrim and I might have done well to preface in this post that deciphering warning labels on most pharmaceuticals would have the likes of virtually every sound and able bodied person running for the hills. But the consistency of the anxiety remains, and it is frustrating that many people in my life assume it is psychological, when it clearly appears to be a physical response.

Im having the worst time in my life so far and it's very hard to live like this. I've always bought my finastride on the internet from overseas pharmacies.

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March 19, at 2: I had essentially never had a panic attack. I became less and less productive, lost motivation, lost focus.

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It was literally the day after I took my first tablet that I experienced an unusual anxiety that persisted throughout the day. I had horrendous anxiety, depression, depersonalization, derealization, fatigue, disorientation, panic attacks, and a host of other physical and mental side effects from taking this.

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You can talk to your doctor about it but he will likely not believe you, the best he will do is administer you a symptomatic treatment to correct your symptoms but the underlying cause will still remain. Related support groups Support group for people who take Finasteride and have Anxiety Support group for people who take Finasteride Support group for people who have Anxiety. Funny enough just like the others mentioned above, I also though there was something wrong with my heart, so I went and got some tests done, and the doctor said it was fine!

Thats what finasteride really does, lowering your DHT which by itself isnt such a bad thing but it seems for some people it can disturb a whole system of hormones. You could try taking lower dosage, if your anxiety is in fact from finasteride. Your problem doesn't seem to be related with low T but rather with high estrogen.

I took it for over 10 years and just recently linked everything with this drug. SBHG also is very high! Some patients have repored changes in the way they feel on Propecia and I have generally discounted these report but now I will make a note of this and watch for more patient comments and blog emails that bring this up. Although I am not happy to hear other people experiencing side effects, I am releived its not just me.