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Further possible causes of hypomagnesemia were observed in at least 21 cases: In these cases, switching to a histamine type-2 receptor antagonist is advised. For some patients the PPI will need to be stopped; if the indication for using the PPI is strong, a re-challenge while monitoring magnesium can be undertaken.

Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. All general practices will have a significant number of patients who are being treated with a PPI. Three studies did not disclose any relationship between magnesium metabolism and treatment with histamine type-2 receptor antagonists.

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Adverse drug reactions and interactions Gastroenterology. Our aims were to describe in detail this electrolyte abnormality, to address the underlying mechanisms, and to warn physicians about its occurrence. The cases of two patients developing severe hypomagnesemia along with hypocalcemia and hypokalemia while being on long-term treatment with a proton-pump inhibitor and resolution after withdrawal were first described in [ 2 ]. An association was found in 11 of them: Simone Janett and Pietro Camozzi contributed equally to this work.

Mylanta P also contains aluminium and simethicone, and can interfere with the absorption of other medicines, and therefore should not be taken within two hours of other medicines.

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The introduction of proton pump inhibitors PPIs in the late s optimised the medical treatment of acid-related disorders. Finally, there was a strong association between occurrence of hypomagnesemia and that of hypocalcemia or hypokalemia.

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They were 45 reports detailing individual cases [ 219 — 62 ], 14 case-control, cross-sectional studies [ 5 — 18 ] and one report based on the United States Food and Drug Administration data [ 63 ]. Abstract Inhypomagnesemia was first described as a complication of proton-pump inhibitors. They are potent medications and have a good safety profile.

Gastroenterology Research and Practice. For patients expected to be on prolonged treatment, and especially for those who take PPIs with digoxin or drugs that may cause hypomagnesaemia eg, diureticshealthcare professionals should consider measuring magnesium levels before starting PPI treatment and repeat measurements periodically during treatment.

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Summary The introduction of proton pump inhibitors PPIs in the late s optimised the medical treatment of acid-related disorders. Google Scholar Articles by Krupa, L. Although hypomagnesaemia is classed as a rare adverse effect of PPIs, given their frequency of use, practitioners will need to be alert to the possibility of hypomagnesaemia occurring, and minimise the risk for certain patients.

To address this issue, we systematically reviewed the literature. We systematically reviewed and analyzed the available literature.

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Skip to main content. The 45 reports detailing cases of proton-pump inhibitor associated hypomagnesemia included a total of 64 individual cases. Numerical data are presented as median and interquartile range which extends from the value at centile 25 to that at centile 75 and includes half of the data points and categorical data as relative frequency.