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He stopped taking this drug cold turkey, and has been having all the horrific side effects that everyone else has mentioned. Not sure why remeron was chosen. Hey Melanie, I stopped taking it a week ago, I've had the worst nausea. So itchy from head to toe. This tingling is driving me mad and I even get it when I'm trying to sleep sleep is very limited.

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I would feel a lot more at ease if there were more success stories told of those who have come out the end of that dark tunnel and are now thriving, or in another way of putting it, has had no permanent lasting damage from this drug and whose effects have been reversed naturally by their body.

Hi You might not find Cita on Google anymore as they are closing the charity after 28yrs! There is too much potential for seriously derailing your nervous system.

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So far I am experiencing just a few side effects. Of coarse I may be wrong but with these sx mention and at the extreme level they present,I think it's more rem WD than benzo at this point.

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I have made it too far. I keep going back to these posts which verify that i am not going mad. It has been 38 days since stopping abruptly from 7.

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Thanks for your interest. My GI doc put me back on 7.

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I can identify with Remeron ruining your health, and I can already see that it is going to be a long time before I feel normal again. I started taking Remeron 5 years ago when I was hospitalized for psychosis, and diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. But never had them on Effexor.

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If so, how long did these symptoms last? I had no idea that you would have withdrawals from prescription medicine! Sorry - I'm not being much help! Other S ymptoms Other symptoms of mirtazapine withdrawal include: It also was also itchy at night - all over - not just the psoriasis - I kept telling my partner i felt like I had spiders crawling on me Anyway - glad I've found you guys.

Although Remeron can work very well for pulling someone out of a deep depression, others find its side effects to be intolerable. I'm finding as soon as I wake up properly I wake about three times in the night I have to get straight up as I start thinking about anxiaty and get anxiuos waiting to get anxious.