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InNeurontin started being researched for many off-label uses and has since been aggressively promoted and prescribed for these 11 uses for which it was not found effective:. The federal government has noted that this widely established medical practice is consistent with the best aspects of medical care when the physician has carefully weighed the risks and benefits of such prescribing [4].

If so, you could potentially have a claim against the drugmaker for a lawsuit.

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View all posts by Jason J. When the FDA granted approval to Parke-Davis for its drug Neurontin gabapentinit was originally labeled for use as an adjunctive therapy for epileptic seizures that is, not for use by itself but as an add-on drug to strengthen primary anti-epilepsy pharmacotherapy.

The current settlements represent further punishment for Pfizer. Off-label marketing is seen by many legal experts and ethicists as a practice fraught with the potential for abuse.

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This Week Last Week Browse full index. JuneVolume 8, Number 6: In his original lawsuit, Dr. As part of the terms of its plea, Pfizer: If deemed safe and effective, the drug is indicated as an approved treatment for a particular condition, sometimes within a specific population.

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The lawsuit alleged that the Parke-Davis division of Pfizer subsidiary Warner-Lambert illegally encouraged physicians to prescribe Neurontin to treat conditions other than those approved by FDA.

If you are thinking about ending your life or otherwise hurting yourself, reach out right away to someone who can help: Once approved, the drug may not be legally marketed or promoted for any use not specified in the application and approved by the FDA.

Recently, lawsuits alleging damages from illegal marketing of another old drug, gabapentin Neurontinhave yielded remarkable discoveries about the structure and function of pharmaceutical marketing.

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Sign up for an email subscription. Legal Electronic Document Archive. The FCA combats such improprieties through several mechanisms including:. Conclusion The case of Neurontin has brought increased exposure to pharmaceutical company marketing practices. Details regarding how third-party payors can file claims for both the consumer Neurontin class action settlement and the third-party payor settlement will be made available on www.

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If you experienced any of the more serious side effects, talk with your doctor right away. But while physicians certainly have a responsibility not to pay attention to off-label marketing, it is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry to create an environment where such practices are not present to influence physicians.

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