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May 31, at 1: Transverse myelitis Multiple sclerosis dillemma in detail. I decided to stop and worked through it all on my own doing a little exercise and building it up, no napping, etc keeping a diary and all that good stuff. It can be used as a sleeping tablet around 30mg- 60mg. I think the pains in my head are causing anxiety attacks as even though I have a clean MRI, I'm convinced the next pain is going to cause a stroke or worse.

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See if you can get an e-mail address for your MS Nurse. So one might work better for you than the other. The tiredness and pain in my legs put me off exercise but should I try pushing through this before risking more drugs?

They both work most of the time. I find the pain etc always seems worse at night, as there are no distractions. I upped the doseage to 20mg as advised by the Doctor about a week and a half ago and feel dreadful. However, the usual MS brain fog got so bad that I could not function. So anyway, dr has prescribed Amitriptyline 10mg per day, as she said we need to change track and start treating you for neuropathic pain. It is an anti depressantat at high dose, around 90mgmg per day.

Can't see properly for the first hour in the morning. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Of course, still don't know what's actually wrong with me, but I'll get there eventually, thanks to all of your support.

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It works by changing the way in which nerves in the central nervous system react to pain. I have found through personal experience that when the pain is kept to a minimum I have a lot more energy the rest of the day.

It gave me bootiful sleep Have had X-rays and seen an orthopedic dr who said it was a neuro problem not bone. Hi Julie I take 40mg of Amitriptyline per day. Hi norfolkgal I am on amitriptyline, it is very good but as has already been pointed out it does add to drowsiness.

NICE guidelines on neuropathic pain recommend amitriptyline as a first-line treatment. Might be worth slowly building up slowly. I was advised to take this twelve hours before I needed to get up the next day. If I have a glass of wine or the like, I'll make sure that's done a good hour before I take it and it's not caused me any problem - so a glass of wine with dinner seems to be ok but I wouldn't rate your chances of getting up too early if you drank with them!

So if I were you, start the Amitriptyline, then start the exercise regime.

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