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This never even crossed my mind.

Wellbutrin SR Drug Imprint

I'll make it out. If you want to post an image, post the URL pointing it to your gallery. You do not want to compare 1 hour before your first dose to 1 hour after your first dose; it makes more sense to compare the 8 weeks before you started taking the drug to the 8 weeks immediately after the 4-week run-in period. Announcements Board Help and Feedback. When my shrink refused to supply me more Xanax than what was needed to ween me off of it, I started freaking out.

But it dramatically increased my craving for carbs, so I blew up like a mini whale, no matter how much I exercised. Co-incidentally, the research organisation I work for we do clinical trials on generics to ensure bioequivalence has done work for Biovail in Canada.

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How do you burn fat if your metabolism turns to molasses? I don't have the brain zaps, I don't have a racing heart talking to people, I can eat most of the time.

I'm taking it as an aid to quitting smoking. One cup of coffee and my SA is 10, times worse. Will Wellbutrin SR help me lose weight or give me energy.

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Depakote and Seroquel are also associated with weight gain. To me, it sounds like you are getting a theraputic effect from this drug, which is pretty good luck considering its the first anti-depressant you've tried.

I been taking wellbutrin sr for 15 days and so far i feel I have a sense of great excitement about each of my projects, work and personal. Clor absolutely nailed it on this one. This just started happening more frequently over the last several months as I've ramped up my exercise volumes. Something else for you to be aware. Muscle loss will occur easier than fat loss because muscle tissue is metabolically 'more expensive' to keep.


Wellbutrin SR Generic Name: Wellbutrin SR is prescribed for Depression and is mostly mentioned together with this indication.

If I mess up or, really, if I procrastinate and don't get it refilled right away and miss some of my Cymbalta, I get more anxious.

You do your part too.

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In addition I take a dietary suplement of a multi-vitaman and Calcium. The side effects featured here are based on those most frequently appearing in user posts on the Internet. And my depression is romantic in origin, so there may be a psychological overcompensation compulsion thing happening. Help with side effects?