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The only reason you would feel anything is that some of it drips down your throat. I was making a comparision. Is it just codeine? Take any advice you are given at your own risk. Stos-yu said that he writes down the directions incase he forgets them. I figured it would be a decent combination and hadn't really had a problem with it before. By heating hydrocodone on foil, the heat works to vaporize the active ingredient so that it can be inhaled. Don't use them opiates anymore but I still remember.

Any hateful speech that is directed at a person will be removed. This will produce a white, opaque mixture. Lost my Daughter to it. Direct releasers of dopamine like apomorphine are used medically to stimulate emesis. I've never understood why people even snort them.

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Hydrocodone was once prepared as an injectable drug in the US and still is in some other countries however I believe it was taken off the market because it had a chance of causing pulmonary edema though I think I read that it's actually fairly rare don't take my word for it though. That's why I mentioned oxy because lots of people smoke them.

Are you thinking about smoking Hydrocodone?

Taking extra Vicodin to try to get a better high raises the risk of adverse effects, and increases your very dangerous exposure to the fillers and binders within the drug. There is to be no trolling, bullying, hate speech, or personal attacks.

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Still have questions about Vicodin? PsychonautWiki Safer Injection Guide. Unrelated to this subject, but same. Is it safe to do this?? However, Vicodin is intended to be taken orally, and attempting to smoke Vicodin pills is straight drug abuse. Then hopefully you got the milligram hydros not those bullshits. Oxy's and vics do it to me. Can you please email me your response? Taking the tablets orally is addictive enough.

The A combination of smoking Vicodin with weed could also impact your ability to breathe normally. Please leave your questions here.

Your help is most welcome. Further, smoked hydrocodone is not an effective method for pain relief or getting high, and the fillers and binders can cause a lot of physical damage even without the medication having any effects on you.