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If you have seizures the Topamax withdrawal will need to be supervised and replaced or the seizures otherwise treated. Also, my emotions seem to be on edge. This should be spread across the Internet like a virus. This made no difference.

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So, I am sure for myself that the detox process by coming off of any medicine can greatly benefit from doing enemas. I am also on other medication to control seizures and migraines due to the tumor as well.

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Weaning down 25mg the first week, some rebound headache the first day. The sumatriptans if they did help, can help again with break-through and rebound migraine. Claudia Albuquerque, NM Outstanding response time less than 6 minutes.

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My appetite has not changed so far and no weight gain however I did have the withdrawal headaches for about 2 weeks and occasionally nausea. My joints ache and mg ibuprofen did not relieve joint pain. Perhaps ask your doctor if he has heard of this treatment?

It was a nightmare for me. About 3 months ago, I went to an all plant based diet, which has changed my life unbelievably so.

February 24, at 3: I am now on Keppra and seems to be no side effects but still going through these episodes. I thought I was having a stroke!! Because I had been on Topamax for so long, my doctor and I did not attribute this to Topamax. So I wouldn't worry about it.

I see that on the list, which is comforting. If you still feel the weeping, pinching and all the other annoying stuff then try taking if every other day.

I am now tapering and after 6 weeks am down to 25 morning and evening. My symptoms seem to flare up rather than remain constant. I hope all of you get better really soon as well, this is a terrible drug! I still have the side effects but not so severely. My word recall and ability to say the last word of my sentences has become a source of continual anxiety and embarrassment.

I will do anything, everything, whatever it takes to avoid taking either of these anticonvulsants again. Having good social support, a withdrawal plan, and doing your best to stay productive can help take your mind off of symptoms and make for a quicker recovery. Mostly mood swings this week. Just to let you know I do take the Topamax at night as well and always have, so keep doing that too.