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Was this review helpful? Start your own discussion Reply to glasgow21's discussion. I started to feel a little better and had a xanax and it calmed me down. It was something that wasn't really talked about at the time and I was very hesitant to take anything.

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I've suffered with anxiety for about 6 years and I was so scared to get on medication. I currently take Seroquel Quetiapine mg, and was not sure why the Psychiatrist would prescribe the Celexa Citalopram as I had been informed by a pharmacist that combining Seroquel and Celexa is dangerous and could possibly cause heart problems.

I also found that I was able to come off citalopram without much trouble - I reduced very slowly, from 20 down to 10, then asked my GP to prescribe the liquid form which you take as drops so I could reduce very, very gradually.

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I have been using generic Celexa for about 6 weeks now. I started on 5 mg upping to 10mg".

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It was like I was living in a thick fog. I have been seeinng my primary care physician for joint and muscle pain. I am suppose to start a new job in some days, and I am worried I could not perform well because of this drug. This is how it started when I first went on it.

Throughout the years I was on Zoloft, Prozac, St.

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If she forgets to take a dose, you can tell! This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Oldest Latest Most Votes.

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I took it many years ago for a few years, only 10mg a day. So yesterday the doctor again put me on 20 mg of Citolopram. Citalopram for Anxiety and Stress? I have never had to increase the dosage either. I lost my health insurance due to being laid off. Ezzie at March 16, I have decided to taper down from Celexa after two years. My moods are pretty stable and I'm not delusionaly believing I can read minds anymore lol.