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It has been 5 years now with nothing working except abortives. We heard that Topamax is nicknamed Dopamax, very appropriate I think.


I have taken this med for over two years now. December 14, at 2: Another small observational study of 20 adults with developmental disabilities and refractory seizures found no discontinuation of drug because of cognitive AEs, although neuropsychological testing was not performed [ Singh and White-Scott, ].

They started out-of-the-blue last December. Finally, topiramate seems to be a weak inhibitor of type II and type IV carbonic anhydrase CAthus modulating pH-dependent activation of voltage- and receptor-gated ion channels [ Leniger et al. Too often I feel like an 87 year old with Alzheimer's.

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In this case, cost being mental ability. Forgot your user name or password? In a randomised trial cognitive effects will be diluted if only a subgroup of patients develop such adverse changes. I had the same issue. Very grateful for topamax. At this time, it is not possible to predict which patients are most vulnerable to such cognitive effects.

Thus, it is imperative to realize that, in clinical practice, many cognitive problems have a multifactorial origin and different combined aspects are responsible in the individual patient [ Mula and Trimble ].

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February 26, at 4: The aim of this paper is to review data on cognitive tolerability during treatment with topiramate in neurological disorders, discussing the role of different contributing factors such as the pharmacological properties of the drug, the specific features of the CNS disorder, and other variables pertinent to the discussion.

I have suffered horribly since my first memories. I subsiquently found out I had hypothyroidism. A week, open-label study explored cognitive outcomes of 53 children treated with topiramate as monotherapy or add-on therapy, reporting no significant changes in measures of memory [ Brandl et al.

I know this was posted a long time ago however I was compelled to respond.

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At the 96 mg dose, significant declines in visual memory were seen. It also has been speculated that patients with epileptic activity involving the left temporal areas may be at specific risk for word-finding deficits from TPM treatment [ Mula et al.

I get classic migraines and I wouldn't dream of taking topamax for them, my neurologist prescribed Maxalt RPD J Int Med Res Cochrane Database Syst Rev: