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We take no government funds. It helped at first, but not in a healthy way. I started with mg and felt the positive effects in 20 minutes. Bryan Of Canada September 28, My depression is much, much better.

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I was so depressed that I wouldn't leave bed, I'd have crying fits daily, everything would upset me, and I had suicidal thoughts. I start to get a migraine and have to take the med right away.

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Before taking this medication I was takin Luvox mg and Valium as needed. I'm not saying every day is roses and rainbows, but, if I can have 6 out of 7 days positive, it's a far cry better than 7 out of 7 horrible. Very effective in lifting severe depression and reduced frequency of panick attacks though did not eliminate them entirely.

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I did experience some side effects for the first two months, including: I never take my meds at the same time and have never had withdrawal.

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This combination has worked very well for me and the only side effect I really have is a bit of dry mouth but that's probably exacerbated by smoking. This has helped me a lot. Isn't it strange how each of us react differently to different drugs?

A vague sense of being out of touch with the world. There is no better medicine for my anxiety than Effexor. Feb 14, My first day without Venlafaxine after a week taking 9. Stress levels have gone way down as I no longer tend to ruminate on things out of my control. But when I came off, oh wholy hell Once I was running out stock of effexor and decided to check if I quit what will happen. Dec 16, 1.

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