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Our relationship was going really well and we were talking a lot about a future together. However, the emotional withdrawal has begun. Last Jump to page: Have you had her visit her doctor and see if they can get her onto a "different" SSRI that might help with the withdrawls she is having?

A minor headache by the end of the day. I still felt like she wanted me to stay on something but I told her NO, I am fine. General withdrawal symptoms usually take two days to fully manifest and often subside within five days. Anyone have an immediate cure to this? However, xanax can cause severe withdrawals as well, even fatal.

I have the same problem. If I had know it was going to be like this I would have never done this. I also experienced feeling agitated and extremely bloated. Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition.

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Good luck and be super mega patient. I had to stop when I came off Prozac, since the dizziness increased a lot and I could hardly stand up. Sometimes I just need to hear some words of strength, compassion, and hope to continue moving forward despite the turbulence. How long have you been off of it?

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So hopefully with the right diet and excercise which I have everyday the weight will come off. Apparently, she had never been on it herself. She has decreased the Lexapro by only one milligram the last month, she is now on 19 Mg and has had flu like symptoms that kept her out of school for several days.

I cold turkey'd Prozac 20mg a few weeks ago after about a year run. Ideally you taper off most meds under a doctor's guidance, so if you stopped cold turkey that might be an issue, too.

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No article element to inject into. Please take care of yourself, and look up benzodiazepines. What your reason for wanting to stop? Posts 8 Hey all, this is a great forum. Had I know what I was in for, I would have sought out a second opinion despite the fact that I love my doctor for most stuff and I was an emotional mess at the time. I am scared to death to even think about getting rid of the xanax but I feel it is just poison. Bodyelectric always has great advice on vitamins and all.