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There have been men on this post that have had a turp and they have problem up to a year. His professional skills, experience and willingness to go above and beyond his duties — makes him one of a handful surgeons who perfected HoLEP to the point that immediately after my surgery I had no pain and stopped taking pain medication one day later.

I will have a rectal ultrasound soon to get it measured. Nevertheless, phytotherapy almost certainly does no harm, it is relatively cheap and most urologists do not actively discourage its use. Open prostatectomy is only really appropriate for the man whose prostate is very large more than grams or who has large bladder stones.

Should Finasteride Be Routinely Given Preoperatively for TURP?

Maybe I need to quit complaining. It did not cost me a thing.

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I can see why my Dr. The main disadvantages are the tendency of the resected chips to sometimes flow toward the telescope and interfere with vision; the slightly reduced wire loop size available because of the coaxial nature of the instrument; and the lack of any definitive study that proves they actually save time, reduce blood loss, or decrease absorption of irrigation fluid intraoperatively.

Search Strategy and Study Selection The systematic review was performed according to the Cochrane reviews guidelines. By reducing the pressure on the urethra, they help to overcome the obstruction and so increase the flow of urine. I find a disposable bedside urinal lets me void in the dark and get right back to sleep.

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In patients who are particularly troubled by the need to pass urine during the night nocturiavasopressin analogues such as Desmospray or Desmotabs desmopressin last thing at night, used in addition to fluid restriction in the evenings, can be quite effective. I think he is not returning your calls because he knows he did wrong. An Iglesias working element is usually preferred to allow for digital monitoring of the posterior resection from a finger in the rectum inside an appropriate sheath, which provides tactile sensory feedback to avoid perforation.

We all have to pick how we want to live. Only practice, good technique, and increasing confidence allow the eventual accomplishment of this skill. Seems like biopsy will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, with developments in MRI, more refined PSA etc. Three of the studies found that finasteride could reduce either intra- or postoperative bleeding after TURP.

Journal of Urology ; I am now catheterized and booked in for Green Light Laser. I feel for your friend. A meta-analysis was not conducted due to the disparity present in the results between the studies. This rotates the inner lip of the bladder neck distally and makes it visible for cauterization see image below. Any type of laser surgery including Green Light is temporary and will not last longer than a few years before tissue reappears.

Back to all news. Not quite as bad as it used to be, but it is still there. I had the urolift a year ago and still going strong.