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I had a very hard time adjusting.

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Find all posts by Shannon Planty. After graduating, I took it only during major changes because it helped me cope, but I never wanted to rely on it. That month my dealer moved, and that whole May month was my first "tbreak" you can say.

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The drugs are only part of the equation. Descending order Ascending order.

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Originally Posted by tankgirl73 I've been very anti-meds for a long time New to all of this, and I have no kids. Charlene YowneySep 29, So my pdoc has saturday appts, mine was at 10am today.

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The bad news is that it hasn't had any discernible positive effects either for a schedule II drug there's a whole lot of nothing going on ; though Ds did rather suddenly decide that he is willing to do extra chores to earn money towards a Lego toy he really wants. GanjaGuyAug 28, He still survives off checklists, even if the ADHD were "cured" he still has the Asperger's, which is partly involved with the lack of organizational skills.

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CannabisPrincess Jul 24, Drugs effect each person differently. Question - Am i being tracked or what? Adderall side effect question. He's not become a "zombie" or anything, he's still very active and full of personality.

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Ex Took My Son to his Psychiatrist last week and he prescribed him a dose of something I haven't ever given him. I felt excited about learning and getting work done.

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It is the same drug methylphenidate with the same side effects. Because it is a time-released medication, she does not experience any sways in behavior and because it is hour, it is out of her system before she goes to sleep. I'm just starting tomorrow my son's starting, I'll be watching He just felt better and while he still has his off times, that's normal. Sitbcknchill May 27,