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Anna Sams I take a klonipin now but I do feel groggy in the morning. Great for depression, dumb for excitement.

Klonopin provides me with really good relief. I was a daily black out dinker. I use both Temezapam and Clonozopine. My experience was a bit different -- at the doses required for me to sleep well 4 mgI'd get out of bed each morning and stagger about as if drunk and I haven't touched alcohol for over a year!

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So, you are not having a problem with the klonopin like it not starting to work? So Klonopin, Serax oxazepam and Restoril temazepam just dont work at all for me. Rebound insomnia means insomnia that is worse than it was before a patient started the drug.

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Hoping to increase dosage next doctor visit. I work night shift part time, so it's constantly flip flopping when I have to sleep at night versus during the day. I haven't needed any or very much of my valium in a few months now due to a new psyc med I started on August. Ambien was the worst as far as side effects--should be off the market.

There's no comedown, so no, you won't feel like shit the next day. So once you're numbed to a general lack of emotion, that's it for benzos.

Another common fallacy is that people build up a "tolerance" to Klonopin, meaning the patient would require a higher dose over time to reach the same effect. I would have your doctor do some labs on u first off to see if something else is going on to make u so tired User Reviews for Clonazepam Also known as: My biggest regret in life is seeing a psychiatrist and taking Klonopin.

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CodyBlue March 20, That garbage doesn't pass the blood-brain barrier. Posted November 11, I forgot to mention that I think you have a qualifiable disability for sure. As of lately I've noticed that about an hour after taking clonazepam I felt restless and tense, almost jittery and my muscles tightened up and I was wide awake so I basically got 2 hours of sleep at night.

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I work from 11 pm. Do you know how to answer? I agree with you, Sleepless!