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If the only thing you ate today were Mangos, raw. Due to a lack of manufacturing standardization with botanical medicinal preparations, the amount of active ingredients may vary.

Here are some examples of foods that compare with Mangos, raw.

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You can eat citrus fruits and juices, including tangerines, oranges and clementines, without side effects. Grapefruits also contain no vitamin K but are known to interact with many medications, so make sure to check for interactions with other medications you may be taking. The fruits that can most compromise the effectiveness of coumadin are mango fruit, cranberries including cranberry juice and blueberries.

Fruit cocktail, peach and pineapple and pear and grape and cherrycanned, water pack, solids and liquids. Many of the mangoes sold in the United States are from Central and South America and are usually one of six different varieties: If you are on a blood thinner like Warfarin Coumadin then you should alert your healthcare provider, because your blood thinner dosage may have to be adjusted to counteract the change in your body's clotting activity.

Other potential inhibitors of warfarin include soy milk, seaweeds, ginseng and large amounts of avocado. The mango is a versatile fruit that can be added to salsas and smoothies, desserts and dinners as well as being enjoyed alone.

How does the Vitamin K content in Mangos, raw compare with other foods?

Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. Additionally, you would have to eat 3. The most common are technically known as anticoagulant drugs. UC San Diego Health. Mango, other foods affect blood thinner s. You would have to eat Cutting Edge Home Safety: Vitamin K is also produced by bacteria in your intestines and is contained in vitamin supplements.

The similarities between all these varieties is that the flesh of the fruit is usually a golden yellow with a sweet, creamy taste.

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If you know you are going to be eating a food that interacts with Coumadin, talk to your prescriber about more frequent INR's to watch what effect those foods will have on the INR.

The best advice is to consume these along with Vitamin K rich greens in moderation and be consistent. View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question. Still looking for answers? A half-cup serving of Brussels sprouts or 1 cup of lettuce and broccoli also provides a significant amount of vitamin K and should be limited to three servings or fewer each day.