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I take Pantoprazole each day, I think it is 40 mg.

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I'm a 32 year old male. The listed suggestions by Concerned lady are very helpful.

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How likely would you be to recommend Protonix to a friend? Back to Sign in! A few months ago I suddenly experienced what seems to have been a panic attack out of the blue "whoosh" of dizziness, pounding heart, etc. Protonix may work better if taken on an empty stomach. Thank you so much for your kind reply I feel happy you Chocolate contains large amounts of caffeine.

So, these two should never hang out.

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I returned home and now its happened again a few times. If you take too much Protonix, call your doctor right away.

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Create Account Sign in with facebook. I have started taking the protonix again and the allergic symptoms seem worse.

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Natural alternative to 5-htp beginning with a "B"? Protonix is part of the drug class: June 21, healthcaremagic. May 18, healingwell. Stir the mix for 5 seconds granules will not break up and swallow it right away.

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My fiance is an addict of weed, alcohol and gambling - should I try to get him to seek help? I always stay away from spice, alcohol ,caffeine, and other diet mentions, So no need to change. If I eat, I immediately feel dizzy and bloated. In case he is vomiting continuously, he should be Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. These are not all the possible side effects with Protonix.

Sign Up It's Free! A car crash can easily trigger the kind of anxiety necessary to produce the kinds of things you're reporting are happening now, and especially once the nausea takes hold, there is this fear about going anywhere and doing anything. Protonix Drug Class Back to Top.

A few hours of fun is not worth the years of suffering from cirrhosis liver failure. I've had issues since I was 10 with depression and anxiety and have tried many solutions