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Since I brought St. For some people, the withdrawal process is pretty easy and simple. It never gets better coming off but it is better for me to taper. I feel you have the healthiest attitude! With a 24 hour half life, I was carrying about 13 to 14 mg in my system at all times. Might be worth looking into before trying to come off.

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I am grateful it was available and will now deal with teaching my body to regulate its chemicals itself. By Sunday night I had lost my job and any sanity I had left. After coming off the Clonazepam I told my doctor I don't want to take anything like that again, so he assured me SSRI's aren't addictive but now I find out Zolft has withdrawls too.

But im suffering side effects from zoloft and after 3 days i wanna stop too.

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How much Zoloft were you taking? FilmRebelLAJan 27, They are so vivid.

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You must sign in to view your friends. It almost keeps me from being able to function on a daily basis. I take xanax and it is very affective and helps with side affects, withdrawl and panic attacks.

I have been reading about SSRIs for over a decade, and it is pretty well known now that there is a high prevalence of at least one or more distressing withdrawal symptoms.

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I can do this if I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Free full text at PubMed: I have had many negative comments about quitting so quickly but I do not want to be owned by these drugs anymore.

How are you sleeping? Trolls my daughter call them… rabble rousers to us old timey folks. I'm still a long way from normal, but I had some significant improvements already. Wishing you lots of strength! I actually came off the last bit of Zoloft on 6th of April, so we even have the same time-line.

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Reading this website helps me realize that I will get better. My question is this — you posted this in July and it is now October. I was prescribed zoloft about 3 months ago for mild anxiety.

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