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This medicine should be used for only a short time; up to 2 or 3 weeks unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Dizziness or severe drowsiness can cause falls or other accidents.

What is Soma?

It effects the Gaba-a channels and exerts its euphoric effects in a similar way to barbituates. Taking Soma with other drugs that make you sleepy or slow your breathing can cause dangerous side effects or death. Up to 2 to 3 weeks Comments: It can increase drowsiness and dizziness caused by carisoprodol. As an Occupational Therapist and RN and working for many years in all types of health care settings And the baclofen does not take the ache out of the pain.

I got an amazing sleep but I don't know if it was worth the next day apathy.

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More research is needed. Overdose symptoms are similar to those of other GABAergics including excessive sedation and unresponsiveness to stimuli, severe ataxiaamnesiaconfusionagitationintoxication and inappropriate potentially violent behavior. FYI tramadol is abused by a users for a speeder buzz.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. I see that my response is years after the original post but perhaps it will help others that find this topic. Your fixation on lot only the milligrams of the new script but not even caring enough to know the non-generic name is such a a neon sign for a budding,if not full blown drug seeking behavior. I hope the individual with the migraines and lupus finds relief soon.

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It continues to rise and will until people stop to question what they're putting in their bodies and why. Skip to Content googletag. This list is not complete.

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Most muscle relaxers we use nowadays have adrenergic action and not gaba related. There may be a time when I have to do just that. I'm closing this since it is self serving and can be found easily by searching. Mix it with opiates alcohol benzos whatever I love it in combos.

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It is metabolized in the liver via the cytochrome P oxidase isozyme CYP2C19excreted by the kidneys and has about an eight-hour half-life. In recreational drug users, deaths have resulted from carelessly combining overdoses of hydrocodone and carisoprodol. If it works helps my symptoms then I will take as prescribed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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You are grossly misinformed.