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In fact, hydrocodone abuse increases your risk of death and overdose. I also have a very high tolerance level for pain meds. Is it safe to take two Norco pills at once to try and numb the pain about half an hour before I do this? I took 2 norcos at pm.

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He may not want to intervene, but it's worth a try. I drank 2 super large glasses of salt water threw that up I got all the pills on the first time am I going to be okay? So it would be better to take two at a time three times a day. I did, however, find this information about fatal doses of hydrocodone in adults and children:. Still, death from hydrocodone is possible. She has never taken the hydroco apap before.

We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. Hi I accidentally took two hydrocodone pills in less than six hours apart. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, when it comes to chronic pain….

I know they put the acetaminophen in there to keep people from trying to abuse it.

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Take your pills and then wait 8 hours so your brain can reset then take your next dose. I am so happy i broke the mental chains. I took one for hours ago and took a second one a min ago.

I was hooked on them he told me I was managing them good keep doing what I was doing I had two docs tell me that.

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Lately as I become more active pain made me a shut in and for the last 3 weeks use it almost every day. Will it cause damage to my liver or any. It killed my mother. I use alternative meds. Usally mg will get me going but this time I took 60mg.

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Billy, Breakthrough meds aren't suppose to be taken regularly. One half in the morning and another two halves within an 9 hour day. So, for me, there is an easy solution.