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Ok, that is postive. In Jesus name Amen. Went to urgent care today and they said it was likely the Paxil withdrawal. I have been on Paul for two years now because of my recent medication was making me gain weight.

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It helped at first but every attempt to wean off the drug was horrible. I think most of them are in the sack with the pharma companies.

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I would dart my eyes back and forth and hear a really disturbing swishing sound. Really, every day will get better, I promise. I'm just at home staring at the four walls.

I was told I had bone loss, now these were perfectly healthy teeth!? I work in a mine an the last thing I need is to get someone killed or myself over a god damn pill.

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The doctors are aware of this but they also know that this drug works for most people. Everything felt hazy and uninteresting.

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There are dozens of potential Paxil withdrawal syndrome symptoms, some are commonly reported and some are rare; some last only for a few days and others can persist for weeks, and some withdrawal symptoms are bothersome but others may be painful or even potentially harmful. Bad idea… I feel dizzy, zaps, insomnia, mood swings, etc. I still am suffering from tension headaches, anxiety attacks, palpitations, and trouble sleeping.

The last seven weeks or so have been appalling - horrific nightmares, panic attacks, the bees' nest in the head, and non-stop crying, and fears of going insane, losing everything, losing my job and income my boss at work has been absolutely fantasticworthlessness, letting everyone down, and fears of never being able to leave the house or be normal again.

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Within 2days withdrawal started and it's been hell for the past three weeks. I quit taking it 2 weeks ago without my Dr. Instead of the ball of anxiety that usually tipped me to one side, I felt a distinct sense of malaise and resign. I wanted so much taking a natural approach to my moderate depression and mild anxiety. AC July 14, Reply.

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I promise you that you stick with this, stick with the 5mg for another month or as long as it takes then when you come down to 2. Our brains NEED essential fatty acids for normal, healthy brain function. In the first month, my migraines were gone, however after that i felt the drug really wasnt working on me as no big relief from migraines, thata when i decided i should come off it. Your email address will not be published.