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If you can persevere it does ease off eventually though I still have the odd day of side effects. Flatulence is not the sort of side effect that is frequently mentioned when your doctor hands you a prescription. I've lost 40 pounds but now I'm severely anemic.

If it doesn't clear up after a few months ask for the SR version. I was having really bad diarrhea for awhile I have been taking mg of metformin for several years now and the diabietes has been stable When I first started taking met 4 years ago, I did have lots of gas.

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I am losing my toes one at at a time. He took me off of that drug. DJ May 10, at I was on Metformin for years and it caused a lot of diarrhea and nausea that never went away, plus it never really helped my blood sugar or A1C very much. I used to cry because I had no shoes And metformin does not always take kindly to a diet with starchy carbohydrates, so consider reducing those as you can get a nice side affect of fermentation in your guts which can cause gas and diarrhea - see here: Along with its needed effects, a medicine may cause some unwanted effects.

My pharmacy is always swapping to different brands and a word with my pharmacist means that I now don't get the problem brand any more.

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Avoid white foods such as potatoes, rice, bread and pasta, choosing instead, salads, green veggies, cheese, eggs, beef, chicken, fish, pork and seafood avoiding the breadings and sweet sauces.

I'm not sure how close I am to diabetes, but I'm committed to making changes! Check symptoms - is burping caused by a drug or a condition? I wish at least one informed me during these past ten plus years, then I wouldn't have all these nerve issues I am already experiencing.

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Stopping medication suddenly could result in serious harm. It was a hellish cycle of either being blown up like a balloon, or being on the toilet most of the day. Are you a Doctor? Metformin does not cause anaemia. These all produce sulfur gas in digestion.

It doesn't affect everyone like this. I came to these forums and chat and did some more research and wasn't totally convinced that I was "normal" My cousin reccommened I visit her dr. Among them, people 0.