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Seamless pattern with teddy-bears.

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Cute bear in the pocket annata78 Fotolia. Lonely little child crying in the room ambrozinio Fotolia. Happy child with Teddy bear. Teddy Bear riding on old retro toy tricycle and leather ball front mint green wall background. Happy Christmas kozorog Fotolia. Teddy sitzt auf Geschenkestapel Jana Behr Fotolia.

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A sad, abandoned teddy bear with stuffing and filling falling from his ripped and torn, damaged tummy and lying on his back on a seamstresses table waiting to be repaired. Little girl with toy Teddy bear sits on the shore of the sea Antonina Fotolia.

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Mother and daughter on road trip sitting in car, sleeping Westend61 Fotolia. Panda roux anathel Fotolia.

Teddybär mit schwarzer Tafel

Children, pink cartoon pattern. Space for text salajean Fotolia.

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Teddy bear with donut. A little girl in a pink raincoat is hugging a teddy bear in the autumn allai Fotolia. A little girl finding her beloved teddy bear under the bed. Little girl with her Christmas gift.

Looking through snowy window at home. Who drank my coffee?

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Bear with christmas tree in office karademirburak Fotolia. Teddy bear in famous vineyards in Wachau, Spitz, Austria serawood Fotolia. Cartoon teddy bear in different posses. Teddy Bear listening music with headphones and riding on old retro toy tricycle front mint green background. Oso de peluche sentado y pinzas de colores. Christmas portrait of cute little newborn baby boy, dressed in christmas clothes Tomsickova Fotolia.