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Lidocaine spray, found over-the-counter at the drugstore, can also help relieve pain associated with tearing or hemorrhoidsRoman says. However, some women experience very little breast pain at all, so save your money on creams etc. You'll feel more comfortable if you pack your own pillow, clothes, pajamas and toothbrush to bring to the hospital or birthing center, Roman says.

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I don't think I'm anywhere as sensitive in that area since then, and having an orgasm has become a bit more difficult. I wish I would have had a bag of frozen peas or something to help keep the swelling down there early - it took a long time to go away.

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But at the end of this all, once everything has passed, you are feeling better physically, you will look into your child's tiny face and marvel at this wonder that lays before you. They do not reflect the opinions of BabyandBump. I wish I would have known how swollen down there I would be from all the pushing!

So I suggest having some of those on hand. If you like this article, we'd be honored if you shared it using the button below. Playing hostess and having to hand my son over to other people was very hard on me - emotionally and physically.

The First 24 Hours You've just delivered your baby, but now what?! Fob is a research chemist and has tonnes of lidocaine that I'll try and steal if I have to! My mom always used Lidocaine Spray after her 6 deliveries and so i used it as well. I was thrilled that I brought my own clothes to be in rather than wearing those ugly gowns.

For those of you that will have a c section I had 6, and I wish I had more.

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If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately. I think women should be prepared for that. I know it is VERY stingy when injected! I didn't realize how incredibly tired you would be, but have more energy than you thought possible from being so excited!! Don't forget to ask for a sitz bath at the hospital if you tore or had an episiotomy. Start by selecting which of these best describes you!

It's just a little bottle to hold warm water that you can squirt on the area before and after using the bathroom. The first twenty four hours were much like the first few weeks - exhausting, overwhelming.

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An Ice Pack This household staple also helps to relieve pain around the perineum. Oldest Newest 9 Posts. After a vaginal birth, hemorrhoids may make it difficult or uncomfortable to wipe after emptying your bladder or having a bowel movement.